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About DSI

DSI was originally formed in 1984 to support Telephone Central Offices Worldwide, providing engineering, operations and testing.

We have work experience in most parts of the world, including: China, Australia, Canada, Japan and Italy.

Today, DSI continues to support Telecommunications Infrastructure through extended service plans, engineering support, parts and decommissioning.

As of 2018, DSI has removed over 1,000 telecommunications systems Worldwide in various environments including: Hospitals (Emory University, Stanford University and Cedars Sinai Hospital). Military installations and DOD contractors including: TRW, Northrop Grumman and Boeing. Some removals required the use of heavy equipment, including crane services and specialized moving equipment. We have also removed many smaller networking systems and data centers.

We can provide asset management services: purchasing of excess inventory of Information Technology hardware and reverse logistics.

Years Experience

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- Ken Boyce. CEO, DSI.

About The Founder

Founder and CEO Ken Boyce has over 30 years’ experience engineering and commissioning large scale Telecommunications Networks Worldwide. Specializing in Military installations and installations requiring specialized training and an understanding of working in sensitive and secure locations.

In addition to studying Digital Telephony at UCLA, Mr. Boyce also received numerous certifications from manufacturers such as: Nortel, Timeplex and Cisco.

Mr. Boyce has also completed specialized training from the United States Department of Defense and received the necessary clearances to work in Closed Areas.

Mr. Boyce also wrote and performed the certification test plan on the first Commercial Digital Switching System for the transport of secure communications meeting specification detailed in: US GOVT TSP 50-3 and NACSI 6002.